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I'm Izzy, a Siberian Kitty, and I wanted to share my camping adventure.  =)

Izzy Camping
Here I am, gazing at the great outdoors!  This past weekend I was taken to Pike National Forest near Jefferson, CO to go camping.  And look at that amazing view.  It was gorgeous, we hiked, fished, ate and slept.  What more could a kitten ask for?

The Aspens were so beautiful.  And they are easy for me to climb! 

izzy and the grasshopper

I caught a grasshopper a couple of times, but since my servants didn't bring a jar with them, and believe me they got a lecture when we got home, I figured it was best to let it go. 

I got to play in a stream, and one of my servants' friends caught a fish.  I was thinking about adding him to my household, but once he threw that fish back into the water without even consulting me to see if I may have wanted it (and I did!) I knew that he would never fit into my household.  I need servants who are loyal and put my desires above their own, even if they consider the fish to be "too small" to justify keeping.  His mind was in the right place, I do only deserve the largest of the fish, but I still should have been consulted as to the fish's fate.  I forgave him this once, as not everyone is perfect like me, but....


We spent that night, telling ghost stories by the campfire, and roasting marshmellows.  I didn't eat any marshmellows, as I think they taste too sugary, so instead I had some steak that was delicious!

The trip was too short, and now I'm back home.  I really miss the outdoors, but I wouldn't go outside again anyway without my bodyguards and servants.  However, it's only the middle of June, and we still have all of July and August and September to go camping again.  I hope we do, because it was a ton of fun!

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